Wild Baja Blast Fryd Carts


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Indica dominant hybrid Wild Baja Blast Fryd Carts

The Wild Baja Blast Fryd Carts! Made from the finest quality, Indica-dominant hybrid sourced from a private seed collection in Las Vegas, this offering from Fryd Extracts is sure to make your taste buds feel wild with excitement.

Here are some of our product’s key features and benefits:

The flavor profile of our carts is inspired by the original Baja Blast, but we’ve added a wild twist. It’s an original flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

– High-quality ingredients: We use only the finest ingredients to make our carts.

Our indica-dominant hybrid strain is carefully sourced and extracted using the latest technology to ensure purity and potency.

– Long-lasting and potent: Our carts are designed to provide long-lasting and potent effects. Each cart is packed with enough extract to last you for several sessions, and you’ll feel the effects immediately after your first hit.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality, innovative product that offers an exceptional flavor experience, look no further than the Wild Baja Blast Fryd Cart. Order yours today and experience the wild side of vaping!


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