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Microdosing mdma, They  are MDMA ecstasy pill in fact and very high dose. From personal experience I would say 250+ most likely more close to 300 as well as all the ecstasy data I found. I would recommend to take half even if there is no line to break as it’s not as pleasant causing memory gaps and just gaps between the ecstatic feeling. On lower doses such as half and half to extend the roll the comedown is clean and I managed to fall asleep midway through it.

All in all I hope this helped give you guys some info on these pills in case you may also have them but other than that you should always test your pills even if they look the same as the ones here as they may contain different things. Order Philipp Plein pills Online from pysche city Web Shop Today.

Mixed consumption

  • Ecstasy and Speed / Crystal: This place extreme stress on the entire organism, the toxicity of the two substances increases and the risk of an overdose also increases. In addition to the occurrence of increased hallucinations, the real problem lies in the combination of the desired effects of both drugs, i.e., the increased physical willingness to perform caused by speed in combination with the switching off of physical warning signals caused by ecstasy promote dehydration, kidney damage, heart failure and circulatory collapse.
  • Ecstasy and LSD (“candy flipping”): This combination leads to strong changes in perception with visual and acoustic hallucinations. The effect of both substances is increased. This can lead to “bad trips” and drug-induced psychoses.
    Ecstasy and Cocaine: Mixing Ecstasy with Cocaine leads to increased cardiovascular stress (high blood pressure and accelerated heartbeat). This can lead to severe fluid loss and impaired breathing. Depressive moods and unintentional overdoses also occur more frequently with this combination.
  • Ecstasy and alcohol: The consumption of ecstasy reduces the perception of alcohol intoxication. This increases the risk of alcohol poisoning and can lead to nausea and vomiting. This mixture also increases the risk of hyperthermia (abnormally high body temperature).
  • Ecstasy and cannabis: Cannabis can dampen the effects of ecstasy, but it can also do exactly the opposite. It can cause severe hallucinations and immobility. Consuming ecstasy increases the drying effect. This can lead to heat stroke, kidney failure, and loss of consciousness

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