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buy-grease-monkey-strain(Grease Bucket Weed Strain)

This strong cultivar combines the intense effects and incredibly seductive flavor of its parent strains. Each inhale is accompanied by scents of sweet skunky diesel and nutty vanilla, and the scent is equally as good!

History & Genetics

Grease Monkey is an indica-dominant hybrid from Exotic Genetix, the breeders who have given us standout strains like Kimbo Kush and Starfighter. Grease Monkey is a cross between the couch-locking indica Gorilla Glue and Exotic’s own hybrid Cookies and Cream. It imparts a thick and lazy body stone, while providing some subtle mental stimulation. Grease Monkey also carries the sweet and musky flavor profile that will be familiar to fans of strains in the Girl Scout Cookies family. Grease Monkey’s potency has been measured at between 25% and 30% THC.

Grease Monkey Marijuana Strain

The high of the Grease Monkey strain creeps up on you behind your eyes before leaving you with blissful relaxation, lulling you into a serene, fuzzy frame of mind. Our Grease Monkey strain is the ideal choice to help with ailments such as chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, sleeplessness, headaches or migraines, and inflammation thanks to its effects and THC levels usually in the mid-20% range.

The nugs of this strain are typically dense, forest green, and dusted with shiny crystal trichomes that will entice your taste buds.


14 Grams, HP, OZ, P, QP


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